Jersey Post

RedNet – the new Jersey Post intranet

I was responsible for designing and implementing a new WordPress-powered company intranet system, to replace a decade-old SharePoint site which was under-used.

RedNet – Going Green

Following the takeover of UK-based Fraser Freight, I was able to adapt ‘RedNet’ to keep all news relating to the new company in-keeping with their existing branding.

RedNet – Going Digital

In addition to replacing the existing SharePoint site, the new site is much more flexible, meaning existing company initiatives like ‘Reward and Recognition’ nominations could be made over the network, saving the environment and printing costs. Facelift

I also helped identify flaws with the previous site and worked on the project to refresh the site to the one used today, which is still the same as the old site, just with a facelift.

Jersey Post

Projects I worked on included the regeneration of the aging website and launching new Parcel Delivery Services whilst also managing the company’s Social Media. I later led the project to replace the decade-old intranet site, with a brand new (more engaging) one.